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Their Stories

Lisa Foy

“I know how it feels to be ready to give up because nobody seems to understand. I want to give a recommendation to any woman with PCOS that is looking to get rid of a foggy brain and constant fatigue and desires to feel better.”

“Andrea D’Ambrosio Bauer at Simple & Smart Nutrition is amazing. She’s a wonderful nutritionist who understands the autoimmune disorder well. I have been to several other nutritionists who tried to give the standard nutritionist info that everyone gets. But having an autoimmune disorder makes us very different. She’s a very realistic nutritionist who custom tailors a nutrition plan for you. She’s made a huge difference in my life and I know she does the same for others.”

Ashli Williams

“I was in a pretty desperate place. I was extremely overweight, exhausted and miserable. The extra weight put pressure on all of my organs and caused some pretty scary health issues. I had so much unhealthy inflammation.”

“I was anxious and depressed. When I tell you that over the last 16 years I have tried “all the things”… I mean it! Minimal success at best. I then reached out to the one person who I knew could and would help me. I met Andrea several years ago when I did bootcamps at CrossFit PTC. Andrea was the coach I feared because she was HARD. It didn’t matter if you were out of shape or overweight. She expected you to work and not quit. She told me something during bootcamp that stuck in my head…”you can’t out train a bad diet.” Although I didn’t actually listen to her advice, it stuck with me. So when I knew I had to make some changes, I went searching for Andrea. Thankfully she was willing to take me on as a client. Six months in and -52#, 3 clothing sizes, and too many health benefits to even type. I didn’t think I could do it, but coach Andrea said I could. So I did!”

Katherine Tullis

“One year ago my size 14 shorts were tight… Today I bought size 8 shorts! Huge shoutout to my nutrition coach Andrea who got me on the right track and my husband who made sure I stuck with the plan even when I wanted to give up.”

“Andrea is an incredible nutrition coach who took my love of sweets and Chick-Fil-A and made it work on a program for me. I am staying in the nutrition program because accountability is something that, after avoiding for way too long, I have confirmed I really need.”It’s a journey for sure, one day at a time! Want results like this for you too? Get a coach! I know Andrea would love to talk to you, not local…not a problem, she does remote coaching too!”



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