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The Smart and Simple Nutrition Team

Meet the nutrition experts ready to help you achieve your goals and your potential.

Our Founder

Peter Randsmith

If you’ve ever browsed the internet looking for workout advice, you know how difficult it is to identify programs that work. Even experienced gym-goers get caught up in workouts that promise massive gains in six weeks or less.

That’s why our gym is so valuable for so many people. Instead of doing the research yourself, we’ve done that part of the work for you. All you need to do is show up and give each workout your all.

Some people get their motivation from slow and steady improvement, while others thrive on competition. No matter what your style, we offer a space where you can see results more quickly than other gym routines, as long as you put in the hard work.

What sets CrossFit apart from other workouts and gyms is that we believe in combining strength with endurance for maximum performance. We want you to get strong and capable and see the difference functional strength can make in your life. You’ll build confidence and learn to persist toward your goals both at the gym and outside it

Our gym combines every aspect of exercise science, ensuring that you get the results you want. We offer proven workouts to build energy and endurance. We combine that with sensible eating plans that help you hit that sweet spot where you lose fat while you gain muscle.

We want our gym to be a thriving like-minded community of fitness enthusiasts that support and encourage each other. We aim to do this by combining individual training with group classes of people at your level and coaches that understand your particular needs and goals.

Our Professional Coaches

Ric Thompson coach at Smart and Simple Nutrition

Ric Thompson

In my twenties and thirties, I maintained a decent level of fitness, thanks in part to my service in the United States Marines following college. The Marines instilled in me a rigorous commitment to physical readiness. However, upon transitioning from active duty, I encountered the familiar challenges of balancing time, family, work, and health.

Despite my numerous attempts to stay active by frequenting the gym, I found myself grappling with weight gain. While I believed I was leading a ‘healthy’ lifestyle, the reality revealed itself through increasingly snug pant sizes. It wasn’t until I delved into the realm of nutrition that I began to witness significant changes.

Driven by a relentless curiosity and a penchant for data analysis, I embarked on a journey of self-study and experimentation. As I immersed myself deeper into the science of nutrition and lifestyle, I felt compelled to share my discoveries with others. This journey naturally evolved into coaching in health, fitness, and nutrition.

Along the way, I came to realize that true health extends beyond mere physical fitness. It encompasses factors like sleep, stress management, and longevity. Motivated by a fervent desire to see others thrive, I pursued certifications in these areas as well.

I firmly believe that optimal health isn’t just about personal fulfillment-it’s about empowering individuals to be their best selves for their loved ones, their communities, and the world at large. My passion lies in guiding others towards achieving their utmost potential in fitness and health.

Ric Thompson coach at Smart and Simple Nutrition

Andrea Bauer

Andrea is on a mission to liberate individuals from the endless cycle of dieting, fostering a harmonious and nourishing relationship between body and food. Her own journey was marked by struggles with weight and a debilitating self-body image, falling prey to the relentless yo-yo dieting phenomenon. Endless mirrors reflected her negative self-talk, with fleeting success from various fad diets only to witness the inevitable return of weight gain.

The turning point arrived with her daughter’s diagnosis of Hashimoto’s and later PCOS, igniting Andrea’s exploration into nutrition as a catalyst for holistic well-being. This revelation propelled her to enact transformative changes within her family, sparking a fervent desire to extend her newfound knowledge to others. Embarking on a path of education, Andrea attained certifications in Precision Nutrition Coaching, Girls Gone Strong Nutrition and Fitness, and Stacy Sims Menopause and Hormone coaching. Her credentials also include CrossFit Level 2, CrossFit Kids, and USAW Olympic Weightlifting coaching.
For the past decade, Andrea has guided countless women through the intricacies of nutrition across life’s stages. Her approach transcends mere dietary advice; she empowers individuals to break free from obsession and instead listen to their body’s cues. Through her guidance, clients shed excess weight that once hindered their progress, fostering sustainable long-term change. Andrea doesn’t peddle quick fixes; she acknowledges that true transformation demands time, dedication, and a shift in mindset. Yet, she assures her clients that the journey is infinitely more manageable with the support of a compassionate coach who intimately understands their struggles and triumphs.

Kristen Bell

Kristen has been a Registered Dietitian and Sports Nutritionist for almost 20 years. She has worked with professional athletes sponsored by Red Bull North America, Major League baseball players, NBA players, Professional Crossfitters, to morbidly obese individuals, and the everyday mom who wants to lose those last 10 pounds. She thrives on coaching her clients to reach their optimal level of performance, health, and recovery with an overall balanced relationship with food.

Kristen’s love for competition from a young age carried over into her adult life winning 1st place overall in multiple figure competitions and strong woman competitions and competed in the 2013 Regional Crossfit games. She would have never been able to stay as lean, injury free, and come back stronger and faster after having a child without applying the same nutrition principles she coaches her clients with every day.

When she is not coaching athletes on nutrition, she referees NCAA Division I Women’s basketball around the country and resides in Peachtree City GA with her husband Dexter, son Dominic who is 5 and daughter Kira who is 2.

Nicole Ramirez

Nicole is a compassionate Functional Nutritionist, holding a Master's in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine, with over 25 years of experience in the health and fitness industry. She is also a Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Certified Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer, Certified CrossFit Level 3 Coach, and adjunct professor of Nutrition and English.

Nicole is dedicated to empowering individuals to become the healthiest versions of themselves, and emphatically believes that the foundation of these goals is personalized nutrition and exercise, integrated with stress reduction, self-care, and healing one’s relationship with food and their body. Nicole’s core belief is that nutrition shapes both body and mind, and she has witnessed its profound impact firsthand. When it comes to nutrition counseling, she always says, “It’s never just about food.” Her “unsexy” secret is that consistent commitment to oneself, combined with attention to habits, mindset, and lifestyle, is the key to fulfillment. As a bonus side effect to increasing longevity and feeling better, clients may also find themselves achieving the physique they desire.

Nicole is equipped with strong motivational skills, in-depth evidence-based knowledge, and genuine concern for the health and well-being of others, all of which helps to engage her clients and achieve lasting results. Nicole believes in a coaching partnership rooted in authenticity and trust. In the spirit of being genuine, Nicole is open about her own struggles, which enables her to deeply connect with clients because she has really “been there.” She has personally overcome challenges like weight issues, bullying, and an eating disorder. Despite enduring conditions such as IBD, Celiac Disease, Ehler’s Danlos syndrome, depression, and anxiety, Nicole refuses to let them hold her back. Instead, her personal experiences with nutrition and fitness have served to solidify their powerful impact and this resilience fuels her desire to help others. Her personal journey has cultivated profound empathy for the physical and emotional hurdles of healing, enhancing her ability to support clients on their own path to wellness.

Erin McIntyre

Erin is a Registered Dietitian specializing in Integrative and Functional Nutrition. Erin obtained her undergraduate degree and Master's Degree in Nutritional Science from CSULA, completed her dietetic internship with Sodexo Healthcare and is currently completing an advanced certification in Functional Nutrition. She also has additional training in sports nutrition, clinical nutrition, women's health, fertility, pregnancy, and holistic and integrative therapies.

Erin’s personal experience dealing with hormonal issues has led her down this path and she is passionate about helping people learn about how their bodies work and how to best support themselves to uncover the root cause of symptoms as well as to prevent future health issues. Erin’s approach is very wide-reaching and focused on making long-term, sustainable changes via habits that are in alignment with clients’ unique lifestyles and values. Erin also works on mindset as the foundation for change and relies on coaching tools that help with all aspects of life.

Her dynamic combination of professional, personal, and educational experiences allows her to effectively meet clients where they are at and provide a supportive and nourishing space for clients to learn, heal and thrive.

Erin loves to do yoga, CrossFit, jump in cold water, dance, get lots of sleep, go hiking, travel, and spend quality time with her husband and 2 dogs! She will never judge you and will always be your biggest cheerleader!

Kris Wilkins

Kris is passionate about human performance and wellness and has been honing her coaching and teaching skills for over 20 years

Through working with all types of people as a Precision Nutrition Master Health Coach, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise specialist and CrossFit coach she has come to believe that a Deep Health focused approach is the best answer to improving quality of life, performance and longevity. Her personal experiences through her own fitness and health journey, including Eating Disorder recovery, multiple injuries and chronic pain has helped solidify this belief.
Focusing only on exercise or nutrition can yield results, but often temporarily, and risks leaving people feeling dis-empowered to make changes in their lifestyle as life changes. Using a flexible, practice based approach teaches the skills necessary to adapt to the changes that come our way over the average lifespan.
Deep health is an approach to health and fitness that takes in the major aspects of being human: Movement, Nutrition, Sleep, Stress and Environment and recognizes their overlapping effects. Through the lens of behavior change psychology Kris helps people from all walks of life learn how to identify, understand and change habits and behaviors that are keeping them from the results they are striving for.

Coach Jolene Mielke

Jolene Mielke

With a journey rooted in athleticism and a passion for holistic wellness, I embarked on a multifaceted career path that has led me to where I am today.

My fascination with nutrition was ignited during my 16-year tenure as a competitive gymnast, culminating in my participation in Division 1 NCAA gymnastics for Boise State University, where I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Health Sciences.

Following my athletic pursuits, I transitioned into the healthcare field, dedicating 12 years to nursing. However, my desire to delve deeper into the realm of nutrition persisted. This drive led me to pursue certifications in both nutrition and functional medicine nutrition, laying the groundwork for a profound shift in my professional focus.

Currently on the verge of completing my Master’s program in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine, I am poised to integrate cutting-edge knowledge and practical expertise into my practice. For the past 5 years, I’ve served as a dedicated nutrition coach, guiding individuals on their journey to optimal health. Additionally, my 7-year tenure as a Crossfit coach has allowed me to marry my passion for fitness with my expertise in nutrition, offering comprehensive support to individuals seeking holistic wellness solutions.

Coach Ivan Bozikovic

Ivan Bozikovic

Greetings, I'm Ivan, originally hailing from Argentina. For 14 enriching years, I immersed myself in the vibrant culture and breathtaking landscapes of New Zealand before finding my home amidst the lively ambiance of Spain.

As a fluent speaker of both Spanish and English, I’ve cherished the ability to forge connections with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Several years ago, I unearthed my true calling in coaching-a journey fueled by an unwavering commitment to help others realize their aspirations. Holding certifications as an ACE personal trainer and a Precision Nutrition coach, I bring a wealth of expertise to the table. My own encounters with fad diets and wellness challenges have bestowed upon me a profound understanding and empathy for those I guide.

When I’m not guiding others towards their fitness goals, you’ll often find me pushing my boundaries in the gym, engaging in rigorous strength training or invigorating CrossFit sessions. Alternatively, I’m honing my martial arts skills or kicking it on the soccer field with friends. Each endeavor fills me with immense joy and reinforces my dedication to holistic well-being.

My journey is one marked by resilience and continual growth, and I’m fervently committed to sharing my knowledge and enthusiasm. My aim is to empower others on their unique paths to health and fulfillment.

Smart and Simple Nutrition Coach Madison Flack

Madison Flack

Meet Madison Flack, your ultimate companion on the journey to optimal health and fitness. With a Master's degree in Exercise Science and Wellness, specializing in Nutrition and Wellness, Madison brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her roles as a CrossFit Coach, Nutritionist, and Adjunct Professor of Nutrition.

Immersed in the health and fitness world for over a decade, Madison’s expertise has flourished, with six years of focused practice in habits-based nutrition coaching and education. Her true passion lies in empowering others to take charge of their health, combat chronic diseases, and foster sustainable habits for lifelong wellness.
As a CrossFit Level 2 Trainer, Madison is dedicated to guiding individuals towards their fitness aspirations through personalized coaching and unwavering support. Her approach not only prioritizes physical fitness but also underscores the critical role of nutrition in achieving overall well-being.
Beyond her professional endeavors, Madison finds joy in exploring new coffee shops with her husband and beloved golden retriever during leisurely walks.
Join Madison on the path to a healthier, happier you, as she helps you cultivate positive habits one step at a time.


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